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Scratch Off Codes

Kansas Scratch Off Lottery Codes

Updated: January 23rd, 2012   |   15 Comments   |   Post Comment
Prize Code Other Code Combinations

Warning: The Lottery does not encourage players to rely solely on these codes when determining the value of a ticket. Please play responsibly.

Notes: Winning prize amounts above $599 have three random letters that do not form a word.

$1.00 ONE
$2.00 TWO
$3.00 THR
$4.00 FOR
$5.00 FIV
$6.00 SIX
$7.00 SEV
$8.00 EGT
$9.00 NIN
$10.00 TEN
$11.00 ELV
$14.00 FTN
$15.00 FIF
$20.00 TWY
$25.00 TWF
$30.00 THY
$40.00 FRY
$50.00 FTY
$70.00 STY
$75.00 STF
$100.00 HUN
$250.00 THF
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  1. Reply to this comment
    Big Fish
    9:38 AM on August 19th, 2010

    Does anyone have any information about the codes? Does Kansas even use codes?

  2. Reply to this comment
    4:15 AM on August 30th, 2010

    Kansas does use these codes. I do not know much about them but generally its something like.
    Free Ticket = F R E
    $2 = T W O
    $5 = F I V
    and so on…kind of sucks when you scratch an area and see a Z…ruins the game.

  3. Reply to this comment
    1:50 PM on September 26th, 2010

    Here are some more.
    $7 = S E V
    $10 = T E N
    $20 = T W Y
    $50 = F T Y
    There are more codes that cover prizes up to $599, prizes higher than that don’t have a code and the letters on the ticket are void in determining how high the ticket is.

    • Big Fish
      5:00 PM on September 26th, 2010


    • Kerstin
      3:22 PM on January 12th, 2012

      what if my letters are YTW from right to left? Is this also $20?

    • Big Fish
      8:18 AM on January 13th, 2012

      It should be.

  4. Reply to this comment
    12:35 PM on March 22nd, 2011

    On 10/11/07 I had a ticket with the code BTU, it was worth $2000.00!! But I didn’t know that, I got a pen out and started drawing lines through the words on my crossword & the dollar amount just kept getting higher the more I double checked. If I would have went by the code….I wouldn’t have been able to claim my money.

  5. Reply to this comment
    12:29 PM on April 28th, 2011

    I have heard that even if you scratch your ticket and the game you played shows that you have lost it doesn’t matter. What really determines weather you win or not is the three-digit number on the card. Iv been taking in my loosing tickets and having them checked. I ended up with $19.00. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention so I’m unsure if the myth is true or if I just over looked a winning ticket.

  6. Reply to this comment
    James Belk
    3:50 PM on May 12th, 2011

    Today I purched all of the $20.00 Diamonds and only won $40.00 the odds are 1-4.99 something of that nature. Now is this true of the odds. I purchased them from Hydraulic & 47th St. South in Wichita Kansas.

    • Big Fish
      8:46 AM on May 13th, 2011

      You purchased an entire roll and only won $40?

  7. Reply to this comment
    11:11 PM on November 1st, 2011

    You should check even your losing ticket. I bought a $5 Crossword ticket and won $100. The bonus scratch said I won $50 but the codes said I won $100 ( HUN ). I looked at the scratched off words and couldn’t come up with how I even won the extra $50 from the actual crossword because the combination for the $50 prize didn’t match.

  8. Reply to this comment
    10:46 AM on January 21st, 2012

    FRE – Free Ticket
    ONE – $1
    TWO – $2
    THR – $3
    FOR – $4
    FIV – $5
    SIX – $6
    SEV – $7
    EGT – $8
    NIN – $9
    TEN – $10
    ELV – $11
    FTN – $14
    FIF – $15
    TWY – $20
    TWF – $25
    THY – $30
    FRY – $40
    FTY – $50
    STY – $70
    STF – $75
    HUN – $100
    THF – $250

    I know there are more codes but these are the only ones I can verify first-hand.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Winning scratchers in the Kansas Lottery with prizes over $599 do NOT have any specific code combination and will have the same set of letters that randomly appear on losing tickets. These letters are a three character combination of any of the following letters:

    B C P L T U X Z

    No other letters will appear on losing or high prize tickets.

    • Big Fish
      2:48 PM on January 23rd, 2012

      Thanks!!! I’ve updated the page.

  9. Reply to this comment
    11:49 AM on February 19th, 2012

    The newer $5.00 scratch off crossword games are a sham! There ARE NOT any codes on them at all…loose or win! I have won less on these cards since Kansas Lottery has put them on the market. Looks to me as though the Kansas Lottery is taking our money easy! If you miss scratching a letter, you just might miss a win…if you do not see a code you don’t think to relook over the card and then you miss the win! The Lottery is ahead and does not have to payout any money…for them it is just a WIN situation for just them. My husband and I have decided to stop purchasing them.

  10. Reply to this comment
    Joseph Jones
    4:36 PM on April 24th, 2013

    I know kansas has no codes now

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