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Scratch Off Codes

New York Scratch Off Lottery Codes

Updated: July 7th, 2015   |   91 Comments   |   Post Comment
Prize Code Other Code Combinations

Warning: The Lottery does not encourage players to rely solely on these codes when determining the value of a ticket. Please play responsibly.

Notes: The codes pertain to prizes of $600 or less. Anything over $600 must be claimed at a Lottery Customer Service Center. That is the only information that I have regarding this state. Please feel free to post a comment with any information that you may have.

$1.00 ONE
$2.00 TWO
$3.00 THR
$4.00 FOR
$5.00 FIV
$6.00 SIX
$7.00 SEV
$8.00 EGH
$9.00 NIN
$10.00 TEN
$11.00 ELV
$12.00 TWL
$13.00 TTR
$14.00 FRT
$15.00 FTN
$16.00 SXT
$17.00 SVT
$18.00 EGT
$19.00 NIT
$20.00 TWN
$21.00 TON
$22.00 TTO
$23.00 TTE
$24.00 TFR
$24.00 TNR
$25.00 FMZ
$30.00 ANZ
$32.00 CZN
$34.00 THF
$35.00 FNZ
$40.00 APZ
$43.00 PZD
$45.00 FPZ
$50.00 FTY
$60.00 SZA
$63.00 DZS
$70.00 AZT
$75.00 FTZ
$80.00 XAZ
$90.00 AYZ
$100.00 HUN
$110.00 OLA
$111.00 OLB
$112.00 OLC
$115.00 OLF
$120.00 AMO
$121.00 BMO
$150.00 AOQ
$165.00 OSF
$200.00 AKW
$250.00 TVO
$300.00 AKR
$400.00 AKU
$500.00 FVH
$600.00 AKA
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  1. Reply to this comment
    Big Fish
    9:10 AM on September 4th, 2010

    Does anyone have any information about the codes for New York?

  2. Reply to this comment
    8:59 AM on February 2nd, 2011

    yes i know a lil bit that may help you!

    • Big Fish
      10:16 AM on February 2nd, 2011

      Thanks! I’ve updated the page.

    • Angelo Z.
      1:50 AM on May 4th, 2013

      NO DOUBT… Came through in the clutch!! lol

  3. Reply to this comment
    3:25 PM on February 10th, 2011

    Z A P letters $40.00

    • Big Fish
      3:26 PM on February 10th, 2011

      ZAP = $40.00? That sounds weird.

  4. Reply to this comment
    10:00 AM on February 18th, 2011

    $1.00 = ONE
    $3.00 = THR
    $14.00 = FRT
    $15.00 = FTN
    $17.00 = SVT
    $25.00 = FMZ
    $30.00 = ANZ
    $34.00 = THF
    $35.00 = FNZ
    $50.00 = FTY
    $90.00 = AZY
    $100.00 = HUN
    $120.00 = AOM
    $200.00 = AKW
    $250.00 = TOV
    $300.00 = AKR
    $500.00 = FVH
    $600.00 = AKA

    • Big Fish
      10:03 AM on February 18th, 2011

      Thanks! I’ve consolidated all your comments into one and I’ll add everything soon.

    • Nando
      10:36 AM on December 4th, 2012

      what about FOW

  5. Reply to this comment
    2:04 PM on March 5th, 2011

    Just got a 75 dollar winner, it was FTZ

    • Big Fish
      3:54 PM on March 5th, 2011

      Congrats! – I’ve added it to the page.

  6. Reply to this comment
    Frank Rice
    10:07 AM on March 22nd, 2011

    $12= TWL the only way you can win with an “L” in the code, almost threw one out when I saw the “L”

    • Big Fish
      10:13 AM on March 22nd, 2011

      I’ve added $12 to the page. The codes are not designed to eliminate the need to scratch the ticket. I would not recommend this method.

    • AA
      12:38 PM on January 15th, 2012

      I used to think the same thing but I won $2,000 and the code was LMN, which is always almost a loser.. I was hopin someone knows the codes for over 600 cause IM confused how I had that code on a winner

    • Jen
      4:10 PM on February 25th, 2012

      Eleven has an L in the code, not just twelve!

    • sue
      9:01 AM on November 15th, 2012

      111.00=olb 112-olc 115-olf 2100 kql 110-ola

    • Big Fish
      9:40 AM on November 15th, 2012

      I added your codes Sue, but the codes only apply to prizes of $600 or less.

    • Kathy
      4:23 PM on October 17th, 2014

      OLF is 115.00

  7. Reply to this comment
    9:33 PM on March 22nd, 2011

    I would have to say that it would be a good idea if the extended play tickets still have the codes.

    It’s easier to double-check a match-a-number for a winner than it is to double-check a cashword. Just look at the Casino Cashword, which uses no letters. Imagine the number of small winners that could be thrown out because people miss one letter on the puzzle.

    $21 = TON (Not used frequently except for some 7′s themed tickets)

  8. Reply to this comment
    1:39 PM on May 26th, 2011

    $11 on a bing ticket was ELV

  9. Reply to this comment
    2:42 PM on June 6th, 2011

    ive seen $165 is FOS and 150 is AOQ

    • adam
      7:35 AM on June 7th, 2011

      $165 abbreviation could actually be OSF one hundred sixty five

    • Big Fish
      7:36 AM on June 7th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  10. Reply to this comment
    2:08 PM on July 2nd, 2011

    i saw bom for $121 on a 7 11 21 bonus ticket a few yrs ago

    • Big Fish
      8:46 AM on July 5th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  11. Reply to this comment
    2:41 PM on July 13th, 2011

    I encountered the code “TTO” yesterday and started to sweat because I never saw it before. Turns out it was a twenty two dollar winner. Hope that helps!

    • Big Fish
      5:43 PM on July 13th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  12. Reply to this comment
    3:54 PM on July 18th, 2011

    actually $90 is ayz $120 amo told by a clerk but not sure for $121 probably bmo

    • Big Fish
      8:25 AM on July 19th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve made the changes.

  13. Reply to this comment
    5:27 PM on July 26th, 2011

    So that game Money Match has a lot of strange prizes.. 22, 23, 42 dollars.. If I see any more new codes, ill let you know.. Next update is that a twenty three dollar winner is TTE. Good luck!

    • Big Fish
      9:36 AM on July 27th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  14. Reply to this comment
    12:24 AM on August 3rd, 2011

    Get this: CZN is the code for a 32 dollar winner. I’d have a heart attack if I saw that lmao

    Again the source is money match :&

    • Big Fish
      8:05 AM on August 3rd, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  15. Reply to this comment
    5:05 PM on August 8th, 2011

    Money Match is a source of different codes — because the makeup of the game allows for prizes not commonly found in other games.
    I found one today
    2 Necklace ($40) + 2 Gift ($3)
    $43 = PZD

    • Big Fish
      7:24 AM on August 9th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  16. Reply to this comment
    4:24 PM on August 9th, 2011

    Money Match, 13 dollar winner is TTR :)

    • Big Fish
      7:20 AM on August 10th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  17. Reply to this comment
    10:49 PM on August 11th, 2011

    i just won $80.00 on the $2 money match.. code was x.a.z

    • Big Fish
      1:05 PM on August 12th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  18. Reply to this comment
    12:57 PM on August 12th, 2011

    saw the code sxt for $16 on aces and 8s

    • Big Fish
      1:07 PM on August 12th, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  19. Reply to this comment
    Ronald Gil
    4:18 PM on October 31st, 2011

    just saw these codes 400 is AKU

    • Big Fish
      4:41 PM on October 31st, 2011

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  20. Reply to this comment
    9:33 AM on April 20th, 2012

    New $5,000,000 cash game – SZA was $60 winner.

    • Big Fish
      11:32 AM on April 20th, 2012

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  21. Reply to this comment
    4:56 PM on April 20th, 2012

    With that $60 I bought a mega money multiplier and won another $60, also has sza. They must have changed it.

    • Paul
      2:26 PM on April 23rd, 2012

      also had a new $5m game with SZA and it was a $60 winner.

  22. Reply to this comment
    9:40 PM on July 8th, 2012

    Anything over $24 in New York has an entirely different method.

    If a ticket is $25 or more, the first letter will be Z (Zero), O (One), W (tWo), R (thRee), U (foUr) and V (fiVe). Then the next letter indicates the 10′s place, and the final letter represents the one’s place. Theoretically, “ZKA” means “000.”

    Here it is…

    $0 – Z
    $100 – O
    $200 – W
    $300 – R
    $400 – U
    $500 – V

    $10 – K
    $20 – L
    $30 – M
    $40 – N
    $50 – P
    $60 – S
    $70 – T
    $80 – X
    $90 – Y

    $0 – A
    $1 – B
    $2 – C
    $3 – D
    $4 – E
    $5 – F
    $6 – G
    $7 – H
    $8 – I
    $9 – J

    So $40 would be ZNA; $165 would be OSF; $250 would be WPA, and $599 would be VYJ. A losing ticket or anything over $600 would likely have two or more letters in the same column (so MLN would likely fit into this pattern as a losing ticket). The only exceptions are $50 (FTY, not ZPA), $100 (HUN, not OKA) and $500 (FVH, not VKA).

    • frank rice
      10:45 AM on July 16th, 2012

      please then explain $25 being FMZ or ZFM makes absolutely no sense

    • Kelly
      10:29 AM on August 29th, 2012

      some of the letters must be off in your calculation as I just won $30 and the code was “ZAN” and I know that “ZAP” is $40.

    • mike e
      10:27 PM on September 7th, 2012

      looks like it should have read:

      $00 – K
      $10 – L
      $20 – M
      $30 – N
      $40 – P
      $50 – Q
      $60 – S
      $70 – T
      $80 – X
      $90 – Y

    • MikeS1965
      10:27 AM on January 20th, 2014

      $250 (officially, by a sheet the NYL added to the agents’ news letter years back) is “TVO”, not “WQA”

  23. Reply to this comment
    Steve T
    1:08 PM on September 11th, 2012

    KABOOMB!!! K.A.R. confirmed at $300 :-)

  24. Reply to this comment
    1:35 PM on October 5th, 2012


    • Big Fish
      3:10 PM on October 5th, 2012

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  25. Reply to this comment
    12:13 AM on October 9th, 2012

    Got TNR on a ticket today. Looks like a $24 winner. Will update if it’s something different when I cash it in. It’s on the new $3 game so they may have changed the code.

    • Dee
      7:54 PM on December 30th, 2012

      What was tnr got same thing. On the 3.00 ticket.

  26. Reply to this comment
    mike e
    5:48 AM on October 13th, 2012

    $18 winner yesterday, EGT

    • Big Fish
      7:39 AM on October 13th, 2012

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  27. Reply to this comment
    2:24 PM on October 20th, 2012

    They did change codes, I just won $60 with SZA
    Old codes it would have been $80
    Now 80 has a X in it

  28. Reply to this comment
    6:11 PM on October 27th, 2012

    Lost with an HTR

    • Big Fish
      9:39 AM on October 29th, 2012

      So, it wasn’t $3.00?

  29. Reply to this comment
    5:36 PM on November 3rd, 2012

    i remember $19 was nit on a find the 9s ticket

    • Big Fish
      9:30 AM on November 5th, 2012

      Thanks – I’ve updated the page.

  30. Reply to this comment
    10:20 AM on January 26th, 2013

    45.00 is fpz

    • Big Fish
      9:51 AM on January 28th, 2013

      Thanks – I’ve added it to the page.

  31. Reply to this comment
    4:28 PM on August 1st, 2013

    Can someone tell me why there is NO letter code on the new NY scratch offs “PAY ME!” and “MILLION DOLLAR MONEY STACK”? Never seen this before.

    • Steve
      4:18 PM on August 19th, 2013

      That’s a new trend to get people to scratch off the ticket. I read recently that NY has over $28 million in uncollected winnings. I had a Black Diamond winner for $2000 with a code P-L-Y, next time I had a BD loser with a code P-L-Y!!! Play the game!!!!!!!

  32. Reply to this comment
    8:16 PM on August 26th, 2013

    I read in a local paper that a big prize winner ($300K) said that the code on his ticket was P-A-Y… I wonder if this holds true for anything over $600 that has to be brought to a redemption center.

    @Jamie, I have never seen any NY scratch off ticket that lacks a 3 letter code…. scratch it bare and check all the fields, they are not always in the payout field and some tickets have the letters in the game field. Good Luck!

    • Collin
      4:50 PM on January 6th, 2014

      Non of the new scratch off games come with codes. So i advice you scan until it say winner if you’re not sure.

    • Tiffany
      3:08 PM on April 11th, 2015

      Actually a few of the newer tickets in new York do not have codes on them at all… It’s dumb… I know that one example is a 3 dollar to key… Not sure if it’s the 3 dollar cash word or a different one. I work at convenient store and have seen and played many tickets.

  33. Reply to this comment
    12:20 AM on August 30th, 2013

    I just scratched a MORE CASH, PAY ME and MILLION DOLLAR MONEY STACK. None of these tickets had a code anywhere on the face of the ticket. This is so odd and does it mean anything?

    • Rich
      11:00 PM on October 10th, 2013

      It does appear as if the lottery is starting to phase out lottery validation codes, win or lose. You may want to hold onto tickets without codes and take them to a scanner for verification.

  34. Reply to this comment
    7:12 PM on September 7th, 2013

    The same thing happened to me Flo…I just came online to see why the More Cash ticket I scratched has no letters….I’m very familiar with the code letters for 20 years, and I find it odd that there aren’t any on this ticket….thinking it’s a fake!!

  35. Reply to this comment
    9:55 PM on September 25th, 2013

    I bought some scratch off tickets that don’t have letters on them. They were $2,500 a week for life tickets. How do I know for sure they weren’t winners????

    • Big Fish
      1:03 PM on September 30th, 2013

      Take them in and have them scanned by a lottery retailer if you don’t know for sure.

  36. Reply to this comment
    c baker
    3:46 PM on October 2nd, 2013

    Does a new York state lottery ticket HAVE to have a three letter code on it by law??? Please and thanks for any reply’s!!!

  37. Reply to this comment
    10:36 PM on October 2nd, 2013

    No letters required – see the 2011 post above about the Casino Cashword ticket. If I remember correctly, the odd shape of the play areas on those (they resembled the suits of cards) left little room where ther letters would have fit without conflicting with the letters for the puzzle.

    I think that was the only one until the current ones without them.
    Perhaps now that all the tickets have the bar code you can scan to check them (so you know if they win or not) they figure the letters are not as needed (though keeping them on the Bingo, Cashword etc. type tickets would be handy for a quick double check).

  38. Reply to this comment
    9:05 AM on October 22nd, 2013

    As of July 31st 2013, all scratch off tickets printed after this date will no longer have the letter codes on them.

    • frank
      11:11 PM on November 24th, 2013

      not true, brand new word game ($3) has the codes

  39. Reply to this comment
    11:25 PM on October 24th, 2013

    They no longer have the codes, it’s not a fake if you’re worried about that I work for a noco gas station, and even the new 2 dollar version of the win for life doesn’t have any 3 letter code. But you can always get a lottery inquiry check done to just see if it is a winner good luck.

  40. Reply to this comment
    3:33 PM on January 16th, 2014

    All I know about codes over $600 is the $10,000 prize has a “Q” as part of the code.

  41. Reply to this comment
    10:28 AM on January 20th, 2014

    $24 is “TNR” (TRN,NRT,NTR,RNT,RTN)

    • Big Fish
      8:52 AM on January 21st, 2014

      Thanks – I’ve added that as a new code.

  42. Reply to this comment
    9:21 PM on April 24th, 2014

    They have retained the letter codes for Bingos, Cashwords and Keno games. (Perhaps others, too) These are games where you really need them unless you’re prepared to spend 10 minutes or more triple checking every combination.

  43. Reply to this comment
    Barbara Williams
    10:54 PM on November 29th, 2014

    By the way I had a card that had try on it and was told I win $13 on a bingo.

    • Barbara Williams
      11:20 PM on November 29th, 2014

      No I have the letters wrong it should have been TKY that was the letter on it.

  44. Reply to this comment
    12:45 AM on January 3rd, 2015

    $63 is dzs

    • Big Fish
      8:00 AM on January 5th, 2015

      Thanks – I have updated the page.

  45. Reply to this comment
    2:09 AM on July 2nd, 2015

    $70 is azt

    • Big Fish
      9:01 AM on July 7th, 2015

      Thanks – I have updated the page.

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